About the Art

The Boxes began as an enclosure for the kinetic winged figure of a dancing skeleton,

(see The Cut #30 Gallery of Boxes) constructed of paper and wire. Pumping and releasing the wire repeatedly lifts and lowers the wings and jiggles the legs. The diorama is constructed of a basswood box, digital images sourced from vintage picture books and hand-drawn illustrations, acrylic paint, LED footlights, archival papers and supports, museum glass, and a wooden frame. All succeeding Boxes follow a similar process, most having a kinetic feature rendering them interactive. Each Box is one of a kind, designed and constructed by the artist.


The 2D Mixed Media paintings are collage and acrylic. 

About the Artist

Esther Aron is a visual artist working northwest of Chicago in the Village of Bull Valley. She makes artifacts to satisfy her need to create. She describes it as an addiction of supernatural origin that pushes for expression. It has moved her from an early age, and continues unabated.


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