About the art

​The Boxes began as an enclosure for a kinetic winged skeleton. This puppet-like figure made of paper and deftly placed wires will do a little jig when the the wired die is pulled and released repeatedly by the viewer. Most of the Boxes have a similar mechanical lever to move figures and objects by hand; mechanisms similar to those in children's pop-up books. Each Box is a small diorama with a story to tell. Some content is contemplative, involving existential issues and hints at the multi-dimensional nature of being. Other content is less introspective, thematically lighter, created just for fun, while the interactive feature lends a playful note to each piece. 

Each Box is made of the following materials: basswood, digital images sourced from vintage picture books and illustrations, acrylic paint, archival papers and supports, museum glass, and wooden frames. Each Box is one of a kind, designed and constructed by the artist.

About the artist

Esther Aron is a visual artist working northwest of Chicago in the Village of Bull Valley. She makes artifacts to satisfy her need to create. She describes it as an addiction of supernatural origin that pushes for expression. It has moved her from an early age, and continues unabated.

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