How to buy...

All paintings, mixed media, and Boxes with asterisks * by their titles have been sold. Each piece of art that is available has a price listed. Those interested in making a purchase, please contact me and I'll set up a buy link  through Square or PayPal. The pieces below have an attached  Square "buy" link. You'll find the Square links by clicking on an image which takes you back to its Gallery. Click on the desired image to expand its view to see the link. Please email me to arrange shipping and handling should you make a purchase.


Art is hand delivered within 50 miles of Woodstock IL. This includes Chicago, Rockford and Milwaukee. Nominal or no fee will be charged for this service.

For shipping and handling outside the state and zone above, please contact me to arrange safe and secure transport. Price to be determined.

Please note there is an Illinois sales tax charge of 7% added at the time of purchase.


Square  accepts    Android Pay     Apple Pay     Visa      MC      Discover      AMX

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Curtain Call no.1



Return of the

Hummers   $425.00


Angel Protecting the



Butterfly Nebula


Phasing      $625.00